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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homeless or Hopeless?

So I was on the bus this morning after giving English lessons, and I saw a homeless person. There is nothing special about this common sight in the streets of São Paulo. That is when I thought,"have I really become immune to this in my every day life. No, is heartless and horrible! how?" I have never really been used to seeing a lot of real homeless people at home, I mean its Colorado, people would freeze, right?

I knew some people in Boulder once who did it for fun and some extra cash, but not real homeless people who live in a box in from of the McDonalds.

This really sat heavy on my heart. So I'm still on the bus during midday traffic and just then I see this man and I realized,"Wow, this guy is asking the suits walking around for money I wonder what they will do?"

Me being the tourist/weirdo filmed this.

When you see a homeless person, remember: You are three bad decisions and/or four unlucky days away from being him/her. Treat that person with dignity. :)


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