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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yes. I am working in São Paulo since May. I have been giving a couple of classes here and there, have to earn that extra cash. Who knew it would give some sort of a purpose here. When being a study abroad student, honestly you get a lot of free time. And I'm not used to some much free time, so the next thing I knew I was offering my English services to Directors of Groupo Pão de Azucar, Umbro and others. Yes name dropping only because this is sooo sureal to me, who gives english lessons to the the 3rd largest company in Brasil. WORD.

Anywho. Got that out of my system.
I am really enjoying giving lesons, even though the truth is I got bad grades in English class al through high school. SO... maybe its a little harder for me to explain why there needs to be a "to be" verb in front of a past participle to make the sentence correct. Blah.

I have learned a lot about the city too. Going on different bus routes and different places I wouldn't have othewise known if it was for these classes. Also time mangament. OMGoodness.! Traffic here is about the worst thing ever, some times I have to leave my house 2hr before to get there on time, needless to say I love hte city.

English is a must in the life of any business man or woman living in Brasil. Its very interesting how people learn as well because most of these people aren't young they are about 10-15 yrs. older than me and that makes it more the intesting. They often tell me in thier awesome accent, " TEACHER! I need to learn English quickley!" Then it makes me think, English has really dominate the last century just like French did in the last. Its funny because in the US people are so confortable with their language, and the world conforms.

In the US I rembember people would get mad or even tell me not to speak spanish when I was in school or in a public place. WTF? Yet the rest of the world comforms to the language norms.

But I really am happy with most of my students. Some are way older and some not so much older than I am, but wierdly enough they give a little bit of a purpose here in Brasil. My favorite part about giving classes is when they ask me, "why do you say like this." And I give two good anwsers.
1. "What do YOU think?"
2. "Because that is how it is and God let it be that way."