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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Gay Parade.

Watching the gay parade last weekend for a least an hour in Sao Paulo, made me realize what hipocracy really is and isn't. Don't get this wrong, I strongly believe in sexual equality for all and the freedom of expression of that sexuality without prejudice. (remember we are all children of god, therefore i am no one to jugde right or wrong in these issues)

LGBT Pride association started in 1999, officially as an institution, the parade stared around the same time. There was a parade also called, the "March for Jesus" considering that it is Corpus Christi holiday in Brasil. A long time ago there was a debate on who should be the "official" parade leader/ owner for the day of AVE. Paulista (the biggest main avenue.) The Queers won, it brought in more money.

So getting back to hipocracy, people did warn me about the touching, the drinking, the madness and so forth. But me being the person I am, I decided to go on my own.
Bad idea, this definitely goes on one the tops of my lists.

Within say less than 20 min into wandering to the parade, I 'won' 6 kisses on both of my cheeks, 2 butt grabs and a nipple pinch. Talk about invasion of privacy, these were not by women mind you readers, these were by men, straight men there to get some ASS!

What more can I really say. Pride stared as a big political protest for equality in society, but it has really turned into a big gross orgy of people willing to do anything and everything. Needless to say, it was a gross flash back to carnival, Christ save us!

Gay Pride also attracts a different type of danger not seen in the US, Skinheads.
Skinheads, are like a modern version of neo-nazi mixed with the klu klux klan, very active and violent in Brasil.
A queer person was killed during the after festivities, after being beat up for several hours.

As my good friend Kalla posted on a friend's website said

"No, skinheads beating up anyone at any time is completely wrong and undeserved. However, that event does not promote openess, acceptance, gay rights, or equal treatment, and definitely gives plenty of fuel to homophobic arguments. And it's upsetting that the biggest gay event in the world has that level of triviality and that it's literally ... Read Moreprohibited to bring politics in. At least for me, one of the most powerful parts of our activism is the way we infuse politics into every public act or performance, and the way that we can have a party and keep a funny but biting line of political commentary going throughout. Yesterday was anything but."

So where does society really draw the line?
In a country that has the biggest pride parade in the world, that doesn't allow the political movement, who gave birth to the parade in the first place, participate in the "struggle towards equality", where does that leave reason?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homeless or Hopeless?

So I was on the bus this morning after giving English lessons, and I saw a homeless person. There is nothing special about this common sight in the streets of São Paulo. That is when I thought,"have I really become immune to this in my every day life. No, is heartless and horrible! how?" I have never really been used to seeing a lot of real homeless people at home, I mean its Colorado, people would freeze, right?

I knew some people in Boulder once who did it for fun and some extra cash, but not real homeless people who live in a box in from of the McDonalds.

This really sat heavy on my heart. So I'm still on the bus during midday traffic and just then I see this man and I realized,"Wow, this guy is asking the suits walking around for money I wonder what they will do?"

Me being the tourist/weirdo filmed this.

When you see a homeless person, remember: You are three bad decisions and/or four unlucky days away from being him/her. Treat that person with dignity. :)